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PURE LIFE: Patrick Mihalic enjoyed playing the role of Spiderman as a street performer.

But he also wanted to change his life for the better.

And today, the Breckenridge resident is building up his company, Pure Life Snowboards (, which sells ski clothing, skateboard shoes, snowboards, essential oils for healing and more. Mihalic designs all the snowboards.

“Pure Life” advocates abstaining from drugs and alcohol, having a good relationship with God and living a healthy life.

“It was a really fun job being Spiderman,” says Mihalic, 32. “I got to travel and I really had fun with it. I was trying to get into movies and it was really hard. I do miss Spiderman a little bit, but this is more of a spiritual message I’m trying to give to other people.

“My whole goal was to inspire people to live a pure lifestyle. … I didn’t want to come off as very religious; I knew that would turn some people off. I try to be positive, be a real good model. I was living more of a self-centered life. Pure Life made it more about being about other people.”

Mihalic employs four people, and hopes to move into a 1,700-square-foot store in June.

One of his products: snowboards made from bamboo, which he says is “30 percent lighter than wood; it glues better and is less likely to fall apart. Once they ride the bamboo, they love the bamboo.”

Bruce Goldberg is an associate editor for the Denver Business Journal, compiles the “Street Talk” and “Good Works” columns, and writes for the “Street Backtalk” blog. Phone: 303-803-9226.Post


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